games to play by yourself or with others

Copse Caretaker

a slow roll-and-draw, print-and-play game for 1 person to 8 billion

For every age and drawing skill level, this game is about having fun and building up a little forest all your own.

components: PDF with rules, map, and score sheet; 3d20; drawing tools

game terms.

This is all stuff you can find elsewhere but these are the important terms that you might not know that I have used for my games.

Roll-and-draw: You roll dice, make decisions based on those dice, and then draw (or write) the result.

Print-and-play (PnP): You get the files to print the game and then create it yourself. Some PnP games have additional components, such as dice (like this one).

#d# (as in, 3d6 or 2d20): [Number] of dice with [Number] of sides. So 3d6 means three 6-sided die and 2d20 means two 20-sided die.