things to do with your hands and eyes and brain

Here’s a couple oldies from the way back machine:
Alia, fancy knit spats published on The Anticraft
Gertrude, knit fingerless mittens

Home Sweet Home:
a cross-stitch

This cross-stitch pattern showcases the best of any home: the monsters in the attic.

The chart is 28×42 stitches with measurements for 18- and 14-count Aida. Includes a tentacle border inspired by blackwork.

Worky Turkey:
a cross-stitch

This cross-stitch pattern was originally featured in Angela Boyle’s short story “Hamish Rose Garden,” which is also available in her store.

The chart comes in color, color with symbols, and only black-and-white.

Bubble Tea for Me:
sewing felt

This felt-sewing pattern includes a ridiculous number of customizations including expressions and different colors for different flavors

Coming Soon!

Tapirus cutieus: a felt toy

You will find, if you know me for long, the tapir is one of my favorite animals. I wanted to sew up a felt toy and couldn’t find any. So this will be the first! A sweet, round guy, there will be options for embroidery as well as felt color suggestions.

Tapirus vellus: a felt toy

And since I went so far as to make that cute felt tapir, I also had to make a realistic one. I mean, I don’t think there is actually a species that comes in red like this, but it is a more realistic shape. And he can sit up!

Crows from the Rafters: a hanging felt toy

My partner’s favorite animal, at least for a while, was crows. A few times, I would walk out of our apartment to find him sitting on the pathway with about 50 crows hunched in the grass and on the wires, on the trees and houses. But I also remembered, I like things a little weird.

Art Dolls

Old Gnome

Based on a pattern by Aimee Ray of Little Dear, I heavily modified this fella who originally was designed with a sweet little felt face and felt beard. I didn’t have enough of the colors I originally wanted so ended up using stripes of two colors I did like. I used turkey knots to add his lucious hair and beard using at least two colors of embroidery floss. And I embroidered around the bottom freely, with ferns and mushrooms and flowers that I often made up on the spot.

Rainy Squatch

I like me a slow bigfoot. So slow that moss starts to grow on them, like a sloth. This is another pattern adopted from Aimee Ray of Little Dear. Again, I replaced the face with Sculpey bit this time I also replaced the feet. She also has a messanger bag and in that messenger bag is a stick that she perhaps uses to write with and a nature journal.

Flying Tapir

Based on my own pattern! The flying tapir has shown up on my websites, invoices, and resumes over the years and now I have brought it to life. I love it dearly. The plant is sort of something from South America where three of the four extant species live. I apologize for being such a fool: I didn’t write down the name of the species! And yes, there are wires in the wings so they are posable, too.