prose: a literary medium distinguished from poetry especially by its greater irregularity and variety of rhythm and its closer correspondence to the patterns of everyday speech



These stories are long enough that they begged me
for design work to turn them into pretty little PDF booklets.

Anticipating a Blind Date

Abe and I recorded an episode critiquing each other’s stories, both based on the same prompt: Show your character’s personality in how they get ready for a blind date.

Hamish Rose Garden

While it’s never fun to be trapped in your house due to circumstances beyond your control, doing so in a new city, during lockdown, when you don’t have a job? These are the circumstances that can make or break a couple.

Very Short Fiction

These stories are so short that downloading a PDF
would take longer than the act of reading.

I wrote this for an assignment in my humor writing class. I picked Pliny the Elder first but would have needed more research to get beyond: “Pliny the Elder was a boon to his time and centuries after. What a useful thing to have someone around to decide all the facts needed.” So I quickly switched to Darwin, who I know a lot more about off the top of my head.

This cabinet of curiosity was custom-made following an occult theme. I made a booklet to go with the cabinet so they would know exactly what they were looking at.