Curtains are hard, both to draw and put up. I mean, putting up isn’t too bad but making them so they look nice can be hard. I made curtains for our living room and my office. The office ones look rad (in part because I measured wrong and had to make them vertical stripes with 2 colors of fabric). The living room ones are fine but I used the clips instead of the pole sheath like in my office and they look merely fine. They are easy to put up and take down though.


Adjourning for lunch at a nearby pub, Isolde pondered the scene over a tuna and avocado melt.

Ambrose, tucking into his meatball sub, asked, “How’s there so much blood? And such a strict end to it?”

Isolde responded, “I’ve been thinking about the same thing. The trail leads straight over to the Sydneys’ yard but doesn’t actually go in it.”

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