I am taking a mystery writing class through Gotham Writers and they also run a podcast/vlog interviewing an agent and author on a genre—Inside Writing. I posted about the other one I listened to on Sci-fi and Fantasy. That one was a little more interesting, but maybe because it was my first one. 

This one focused on Mystery/Thriller. They were thoughtful: Megan Cullens, author of Behind the Red Door and Winter Sister; and agent Sharon Pelletier. I think my favorite thing was when  Pelletier said you should know WHY you are writing. Why this story? What do you want readers to feel? I think that is good advice to help keep the sense of your story.

The notes above are in absolutely no order. Mostly what Cullens said is on the left and what  Pelletier said is on the right, but I was just writing in random locations on the page. Writing helps me remember and think.