You might have seen me whine about my white pens, regarding Parasolia, an unnatural history of unexpected territories. I kept trying to use all my white pens, and they would work for, like, half a second, despite having a nearly full ink cartridge. I think they are just too old (I probably bought them in New Hampshire in 2016!) and dried out. My previous favorite was the Uni Signo. And looking at the results of my tests, it still holds! 

In general, the pens worked about how I expected. They are listed in alphabetical order so don’t put any meaning to that. Sakura Gelly Roll 10 seems a lot better than the last time I used it, though. Maybe it’s a different Sakura pen than I used before—Gelly Roll 8—but I thought the number was just a size thing. Nice thing about the Posca pen is that it is acrylic and, so, waterproof. If I want to watercolor over it for some reason, and keep it white(ish). The Deleter pen would be nice for white out rather than drawing. It does not feel nice on the paper. 

Prize for weirdest is tied between Sakura Glaze and Sakura Souffle. They both go on pretty much clear and then dry white. I couldn’t tell what the legged ghost would like until it had dried. 


P.S. I bought these myself; this is not a paid review for anything. I got them all on JetPens (JP) and have included the relevant links in this PDF, on the pen names. JP even has a white pen sampler kit that you can (usually) buy, but they were out of stock so I made my own based on theirs.