So I am not a morning person and my partner, Abe, has very kindly been getting me up. He has also been making eggs and toast for breakfast every morning since March. It has been rather glorious. Well, my hours have changed from “COVID hours” to regular hours at the library, so I have to leave by 8:30 AM twice a week now. This is Abe’s reminder note on how to help me make it to work. I did not just write this and put it in his desk. He asked for the reminder because he is a sweetie. So I made it as awesome as I could when I remembered 5 minutes before I had to go to bed.

Also, egg crepe is his invention to help me have a good breakfast that is easy, carryable, and flour-free. (That’s what is sticking out of my mouth.) If there is interest, I can write up the recipe for Patreon backers.