I guess it’s time. Here’s page 1 of Umbrella Girl. I am going to unlock this one 2 weeks later but all other posts will remain locked (for the time being). 

I say page, but it’s really two pages. This will be a non-linear story. I will be posting here first (hopefully once a week on Thursdays). It will consist of an illustration and a journal page. Mostly this is just an excuse to make myself draw something fun and to free-write those journal pages. 

My sweet little patrons, would you want to know specifically what the writing on the journal pages say? The handwriting, while legible by me, is not entirely legible. And that’s the point. If you do, do you want to know when I post it, or the day after? Or the week after? I suppose I could even record the audio, though that means her voice would be my voice. Hmm.

Well, I hope you enjoy. I actually started this back in 2011 or 2010 and am redoing those pages. I will show you lucky ducks the behind-the-scenes images of the original page. Like this one:

It’s come a long way! There’s only like 10 of the original series and they did not include journal pages. They are also in one of the sketchbooks that was in the box that fell in the puddle a few years ago. And by puddle, I mean it was stored in the barn in one of the old horse stalls and fell into a foot-deep puddle where no one noticed it for at least a few hours if not days. 

Before I forget, I’m also going to post a podcast episode soon where I talk with Abe about where I want to go with this project. It has been a struggle because I really like the idea of this character.