To come

So I am working on the PDF for this month with my research from Women in the Margins, but it is so long! It is a really good book. Lots of the sorts of insights into what Maria might have been thinking that I was looking for.  Next month you will likely get a PDF of my notes from Finding Wonders, which is technically listed as a book of poems but has a lot of good information in it about the time and about Maria. Based on the bibliographies from these books, I bought another 7 books! So expect more notes to come.

I just need to package up the $20 level. You will be getting my notes from the class I taught this quarter: Introduction to Illustration Techniques. I suppose I will also post them for the $20 level here with their PowerPoint slides so $20 patrons in the future can also get them. I will also post here, when I get a chance, the sample drawings I did for my class for $1 and up. A future $20 level will probably be a little zine with these drawings for class.

Next month $20 patrons will get a copy of a grant submission. It is a story I started before I went to CCS. I got 33% done! And then I did the natural science illustration program and had no time for comics since I was also working full time. So now it is a complete rewrite. I have to redesign all the characters. The story was set in ancient times in a castle with a king. Now it is more sci-fi. Both were based on one of my favorites: robots.