I recently did a little thing to take an old piece of art and remake it now. I flipped through some old sketchbooks and picked about 5 or 6 things worthy of a redraw. Eventually, I settled on this little lady who came about when Abe and I were walking our dogs in our neighborhood and noticed this weird lump in the ground near the road. It was Seattle but not an area with sidewalks. We spent days speculating what it could be and this was one of them. In the end, a few months later, it turned out to be a drain. Someone cleaned it out, I would guess because a drain plugged as much as that one would be useless, and it is Seattle so lots of rain and potential flooding.

The new one is in ink and watercolor. I am VERY pleased with how it turned out and posting this makes me MORE determined to get this arm/hand/carpal tunnel thing figured out. I was down to drawing 5 minutes a day or less. It’s a bit better now, since I am practicing drawing with a loose hand. I can typically embroider a little longer, but still not too long and that is only because I can do the actual sewing with my left hand. 

I find the new scan (below) of this hilarious because pencil does not age well in a sketchbook without a fixative. This was drawn back in 2008 so I was too scared to draw in ink. Ironically, I am going back to finals in pencil because it is easier for me to draw loosely in pencil than in ink.

The below is also my first scan on my new printer/scanner! I have some tinkering to do, but I will do that with Abe because he knows more about all that techy computer stuff than me.