This was by far my most successful con/fest. Almost double. And it would have been better had I not been sick and had I remembered to bring spare Awesome ‘Possums! I brought four copies of volumes 2, 3, and 4 (I don’t have any of 1, though bookstores can still order it from Ingram). I sold out of all of them in less than 3 hours. D’oh!

I was coming down with a cold so I tried Dayquil for the first time. That worked well! But I talked so much that day and night (I also went to dinner with my cousin and her family and talk with Abe while he drives, which was 3 hours just that day) that I got laryngitis and lost my voice. It has been almost 2 weeks and my voice is still not fully back, though I can talk. 

While sick, I spent half of each night on the couch so that Abe would get a good night’s sleep. Which means I wasn’t sleeping well. So I tried Nyquil and I hate it. I got so dried out that it hurt to breathe! Despite chugging water. But you can’t drink water when you are asleep (and I slept a lot) so I was already low on water. Oh well. 

Anyways, I really hope to do Short Run again. My table mates were great. The crowd was super nice. The organizers even stopped by at one point to make sure I could get lunch.