New Job

Monday is my blogging day. I also write posts for The Center for Cartoon Studies, where I went to school. One of my jobs.

I left the weaving job and am now working as a receptionist at a bankruptcy law firm. It is a peculiar job, but it mostly involves lists so I find it quite enjoyable. and I work 2–5 each day with less than 30 minutes in the car total, so I have tons of time to work on comics right now. (In the middle of typing this, I just got offered another job at a library. It is also very part time, so now I can just pay ALL my bills and still have time to work on comics. Just not as much time.)

But all my free time the last week or so has been working on Cob. I have penciled through page 56 or 57. I think my numbering got a little messed up, so I am not positive right now. I have a huge detailed spread on pages 54/55 to pencil still. But even without that, I am 35% done! 

Tonight, I plan to do the was on page 6, a straggler. When that page is done, the first 25 pages are complete. (It was 27, but I cut 2 unnecessary pages.) Then I have to decide if I am going to start releasing pages. This book is taking me forever because of all the other work I have to do to pay rent and bills. So I don’t want to release 25 pages and then wait another year to release another 25-ish pages. I also do so much editing after the story is “complete”! I think I might have convinced myself to wait, but I would love to hear other people’s opinions.