Ok, so it’s not done done, but it is done enough. And I love it. The first image is when you are standing in the doorway. The second is when you are standing next to the computer chair that is in the first image. And the third is the open closet to your right when you are looking the way of the second picture. Yes, it’s a bit cramped, but I didn’t expect that huge art desk my mom gave me because she had to downsize to move out of this house and into the new one.

I didn’t note in the second image that the lower portion of the bookcase to the right of the balcony door is one I made. From timber made from trees we had to cut down on our property. With my mom, we cut it and planned it in the barn with her tools. I stained it blue. And then we put it together with her screws and my drill. It fits perfectly.

In the second image, I also didn’t note that huge printer. That means I can print comics whenever I want, so long as I stay stocked on toner. Of which I am currently out of black. : I guess I will call them now…

What could possibly be left to do, you are wondering. Well, here’s the list.

  • paint the trim
  • paint the balcony door – eventually, replace it, hopefully with a full window door instead of half
  • paint the closet doors
  • replace the entrance door (to a solid one that goes closer to the ground [this one is about an inch above the floor], preferably a dutch door so I can shut just the bottom if I want)
  • put up art in the remaining empty spaces
  • update flooring (the linoleum has a hole in it that is currently filled with quick-dry cement and covered in packing tape) – this is going to be a huge pain in the ass so will not happen soon
  • remove the closet? I will want something else to keep my stuff in so the shelving isn’t just out in the open; I am not positive I will be doing this but if I do it will happen the same time as the flooring


  • alphabetize the graphic novels by author (they are already divided into solo, anthology, and non-fiction)
  • alphabetize the minicomics by author – I think? I am not positive how I will organize these. Suggestions welcome.
  • catalog my original art, which is in four huge tupperwares under my art desk.

P.S. The permit is approved! We have the bid. We are moments away from beginning the ADU construction. It is terrifying and exciting. Though it doesn’t seem like my mom and her partner Jim will be able to move in before Christmas.