Inktober book

So I have put together the book of my Inktober ladies. It will be called Her Blood and Bone. I think it will be 68 pages. And I might, just might, have a Kickstarter to fund the publishing costs. What do you think?

Each piece has a little … short story? Flash fiction? Description? Anyways, here is the piece for this image:

“Rosalind is a Victorian moose lady on the prowl. Hunting in the labor district of the Black Country, she pulls out her blow-dart to shoot down her next victim. Having never been caught, we have no idea what she does with these unfortunate souls.”

I also include the common and scientific names for each of the animals I drew from. This is a weird and dark and funny little book. I watched as my partner, Abe, read it and he kept snorking.