You know what I haven’t shared here? My freelance work! Some of it is pretty cool. So here’s some of the stuff I have done for First Second. It is all lettering work, but I really enjoy it. I don’t earn royalties or anything, but there are some pretty great books in this list (in no particular order except bunching series together).

So Much for Love by Sophie Lambda (I think I am actually credited for lettering this one – it is a translation from French and was so fun to do.)

Big Apple Diaries by Alyssa Bermudez (Roaring Book Press)

The Greatest Thing by Sarah Winifred Searle

Bubble written by Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan; art by Tony Cliff; colors by Natalie Riess

Jukebox  by Nidhi Chanani

Island Book by Evan Dahm. 

The Nameless City: The Divided Earth by Faith Erin Hicks (this was a thrill because my name is in the back and I adore her work)

Head Games written by Craig McDonald and art by Les McLaine (who is the artist of my book with First Second, Maker Comics: Live Sustainably!) Also this the first book I ever worked on for them.

History Comics: American Bison by Andy Hirsch

History Comics: The Wild Mustang written by Chris Duffy; illustrated by Falynn Koch

History Comics: The Challenger Disaster by Pranas T. Naujokaitis

History Comics: The Roanoke Colony by Chris Schweizer.

History Comics: The Great Chicago Fire by Kate Hannigan.

Re: Constitutions written by Beka Feathers; art by Kasia Babis

Free Speech Handbook written by Ian Rosenberg; art by Mike Cavallaro

Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Graphic Novel  Book by Cynthia Levinson and Sanford Levinson; art by Ally Shwed (who was in Awesome ‘Possum, Volume 4). Actually lettered by me!