Butterfly month

So this month, the Patreon PDF will be about the butterflies. It is not specifically about Maria, but it is me trying to duplicate the process, albeit much much easier from a kit that came in the mail. I didn’t have to figure out what they eat or anything. That might be next. 

Anyways, here I am trying to very gently get the chrysalises into the net. Our house is overflowing with books, both purchased and for sale, so there was little room to keep the poor guys. That cardboard box on the table (on the left)  is full of Awesome ‘Possum 3s. I tried taping the paper towel to the side so they could hang down, but it fell off after a bit. I was worried it would be too traumatic and kill the little buggers, but they turned out to be fine.

The $20 level will be getting a butterfly print. I am going to do a little painting of one of the butterfly lads. I keep calling them boys, but there is no way I could know what sex the fellas are. I have been watching “Republic of Doyle,” which is set in Newfoundland, Canada, and they say “b’y” all the time. I think it is rubbing off. FYI, nothing to do with Maria, but you can read about their accent here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newfoundland_English/ 😀