So my hope is to start writing up a book recap every 6 months about the books I have worked on that have come out. Just curious, my lovelies, do you want to know about them only when they are actually out and available or should I tell you about those that are coming out in the next 6 months?

Well, regardless, let me catch you up. I made (no surprise) a document listing them all so I would know what I have done. 

Lettering Monkey (meaning I just place and format comic lettering for First Second)

Himawari House (out 11/9/21):  This one was super fun to work on because it had three languages AND garbled language when someone couldnt understand. Also, very good read. I really enjoyed it. I can’t help but read while I am working though not super close because I am working as fast as I can.

The Greatest Thing (out 2/8/22)

Forever Friends (out 8/31/21)

Horse Trouble (out 10/26/21)

Proofreader (for Chelsea Green)

Cold-Hardy Fruits and Nuts (out 4/3/22): I like it when I can recommend a book I worked on. And that happens a lot at Chelsea Green. Honestly, I either recommend it or didn’t really want to work on it. But this one was inspiring and perfect timing because I was lamenting how long it would take to move out to this property here. Now if I ever get my comp copy, I will be marking it up with what to do!

Birds, Beasts, and Bedlam (out 4/16/22): Another one I recommend. The author, Derek Gow, is just a fun writer with a wild life, all about trying to bring back nature to the UK.