I have been so distracted by my drawing arm/hand, I have forgotten I actually do have work I can share. So let’s catch up!

For my birthday, we traditionally go to the Woodland Park Zoo. And it was a delight. I could have sworn I shared this already, but I can’t find it anywhere. We started in a bird section I don’t think we had ever been to. Even though we have both been going to the Woodland Park Zoo for decades. So many birds! Abe could have spent the whole day there. I suppose he still could since we recently bought a membership.

It took a while but eventually, we made it out to see other animals. It was a super hot day and a few animals had the zoomies. One of the hippos had the slowest zoomies you could ever see. I drew a little map and it took probably a minute and a half to make that circuit. One of the warty pigs also had the zoomies but he was super fast. Running around all parkour, leaping over trenches and side-swiping the other piggies.

It was so hot that the other option the animals took was lounging. Hardcore lounging. The siamangs were hilarious. One had his arms draped over a rope fence. Like a cowboy. An orangutan was in a sploot. The Asian small-clawed otters were basking in the sun. The roos of various sorts were basically sleeping through the heat wave. The red-necked wallabies were in the building on the cool cement floor. The emu looked like it wanted to leave.

Best of all, the Humboldt penguins were basically asleep on their feet. Some of them were resting on their tails and heels with their toes sticking up, like in an invisible lawn chair. And when they couldn’t take it anymore, one would throw back its head and let out a wail like a donkey. I had no idea!

I have been to the zoo and aquarium since then so I will have more sketches to share, too.