What a thing the human body is. I am 41. I went straight from high school to university for 4 years. I was a tech writer for 9 years (2 different jobs), which is cubicle computer work. Lots of mouse and keyboard and quickly flipping my right hand between the two. Been drawing now for 13-ish years (after my break started in university). I have been knitting or sewing since 2004. 

What do all these things have in common? Fine wrist movement. 

What does that mean? Not only carpal tunnel, but also bursitis and a rotator cuff “tear.” It is not so much a tear as a worn, frayed spot. Carpal tunnel and bursitis are both inflammation. The first inklings of which were 15 years ago and dismissed by my doctor as “then don’t do that.”

What can I do about it? Rest. Which is killing me. I have a wrist brace to sleep in and hold my wrist in a better position when drawing and typing and mouseing. I have a sling as a reminder to not use my right arm for duty for a while. I have Volatrin, Aspercreme, CBD, Icy-Hot (my least favorite because it burns). I have learned the “anti-inflammatory” dose of ibuprofen and Aleve. Of course, I am also going to physical therapy and my physical therapist has been great.

So my creative outlets are limited at the present. I can still write. I should probably do more of that using speech-to-text. But weirdly, I really enjoy the sensation of typing. I had even considered getting a typewriter, but I think that would be a very bad idea now. It has been hard to switch gears like this, but bear with me. 

I have some short stories and vignettes that just need some editing. I have some classes I would like to make that would be a combo of videos and downloads and an add-on for getting feedback on “homework.” If there is a specific class you would like to see from me, let me know! I am thinking of starting with an ink class and a graphite class. And I’m working up to a course on comic creation.