What books have I worked on that came out in the last 6 months? Plenty! (Note: I don’t get royalties on these, I just did background work.)

  • Demon in the Woods by Leigh Bardugo and Dani Pendergast (First Second, September 7, 2022), lettering: I worked on this when it was still in pencils, laying out the lettering. Wow, those were detailed pencils. Beautiful. They almost didn’t need to do anything else to them. Some light washes of watercolor might have done it.
  • The Seed Detective by Adam Alexander (Chelsea Green Publishing, September 29, 2022), project manager: I really enjoy the organizational activity that is project managing a book, but it was so fast that I never really got to read the books I managed at CGP. I am no longer a project manager there, for a variety of reasons, so if you are hunting for a project manager, *waves*.
  • Nourishment audio book by Fred Provenza (Chelsea Green, October 13, 2022), editor: This one was interesting because it wasn’t a direct adaptation of book to audio. It was too technical to make a good audio book, so it was a pretty in-depth edit on the author’s part and then I gave it a really going over, too.
  • Terra Viva audio book by Vandana Shiva, narrated by Sudha Bhuchar (Chelsea Green, October 27, 2022), editor: This is the easier kind of audio-book editing where I just make sure that anything hard to pronounce has a guide, numbers that need it are written out, “look here” says “listen here” instead. And this one was easier because they got someone to narrate who lived in the same areas Shiva was talking about so I didn’t have to find pronunciation guides for the locations in India.
  • Shuna’s Journey by Hayio Miyazaki (First Second, November 1, 2022), designer: Yeah. That Miyazaki. Of Ghibli Studios. I played a minor-ish role. I laid out the first pass of English text. I had the Japanese copy and the English text and had to put in the English text as best I could to match. And I have no idea how much of it is the same as what I laid out! (It keeps selling out so my copy is coming soon.)
  • Grass-Fed Beef by Ridge Shinn and Lynne Pledger (Chelsea Green, November 11, 2022), project manager: I edited the audio book text for this, too.
  • Hoofprints on the Land by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson (Chelsea Green, January 5, 2023)
  • The Meaning of Geese by Nick Acheson (Chelsea Green, February 9, 2022), proofreader: I edited the audio book text for this one, too.
  • Bea Wolf by Zach Weinersmith and Boulet (First Second, February 21, 2023), designer: OMG, yeah, that Boulet. Less famous outside comics than Miyazaki but equally inspirational to me. Woweewowow.  Absolutely gorgeous. This was so inspiring to work on. I didn’t do anything really, just placed and styled text to match what Boulet had done in the art. But I got to look at every page and drool over Boulet’s work. I got a copy of this pair’s Augie and the Green Knight when they funded it through Kickstarter. Great stuff. I have the prints on my wall and am looking at them right now as I type this.

OK. That’s a lot of books. I think I will do this every quarter instead of half a year.