Seed of Truth


This comic was originally drawn for the Less than Secret cryptid anthology, from CanonWrite Productions. The original comic was printed in black and white.

Creator: Angela Boyle
Publication Date: August 2021
Format: FC, 4 pages, 11 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide
Drawn using a Carbon Platinum fountain pen, lettered in InDesign, and digitally colored using Clip Studio.

character sketches.

main characters

I knew this would be in black and white and I wasn’t sure my straight inks were legible enough. In the end, I stuck with straight black and white for the book, but this was my test of how I would do grayscale

enthusiastic umbrella

I made a prompt list of emotion and action or object. And the title was my prompt here. This is the very first drawing I did of the two.

Am I obsessed with umbrellas?


She appeared almost as much as the killer so I had to make sure this cute little copper was nailed down. As well as the number of buttons she has.

confident Solitaire

Again, I gave myself a prompt to get some practice on the elwetritsch. I think Fausto would enjoy a good game of Solitaire.

satisfied swimming with sharks

You guessed it. Another weird prompt. But this one turned out so dang cute that I printed it as a postcard! Digitally inked and colored.

process work.


No way was I going to try to figure out those antlers without a model. Since I was drawing traditionally, I made a little model out of Sculpey and held it at a distance and angle that matched the view I was going for. Super helpful.

color palette

This is how I came up with my color palette. I made a bunch from different images but this is the one I liked the most. I use the eyedropper in Photoshop on this Arthur Rackham illustration to pick out the colors I liked and made sure I had lights and darks.



For the Kickstarter, we offered some bookplates and this was my contribution. I love that it looks debossed, but it it is just white and black on gray paper.


I found the mandala settings in Clip Studio and had to try it. I did this one of the elwetritsch and another of tea. This one was one of the coloring page challenges for the Less than Secret Kickstarter.

original publication

This is what the pages look like in Less than Secret. I have to say, I liked them in b/w, but I love them in color.


For the Kickstarter, I offered commissions and two people snapped them up. This is the one of mothman. With little babies. This might be one of my favorite, creepiest things I have drawn. Pen and ink, and watercolor.


The other commission was this kelpie. They are usually black, but there is also lore of a white one and I thought that made a great visual with the bloody lips. Pen and ink, and watercolor.