The Autovoyeurist


A reclusive man watches his neighbor coming and going.
What is he thinking?
Why is he watching?

Creator: Angela Boyle
Publication Date: 2011
Format: FC, 16 pages, 8.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide
Drawn using ink and a brush on card stock and colored digitally in Adobe Photoshop.

character sketches.

color tests

Since this was in my early days of comics, I experimented with some colors using Copic Markers. I drew the guy and then printed a copy with three versions to color 6 ways.

And more copic marker color tests on the neighbor. You can see in both I wrote down the pen color numbers, too. It is really hard to keep track of!

initial drawings

Initially, this guy was part of Tighty Whities and Their Men, a ridiculous little zine I made of mean in their underwear that I doodled while waiting on Abe and a friend to finish shopping in EverQuest 2.

There were a few iterations.

Haha, navel gazing.

Fun Fact: The noun omphaloskepsis literally means “the contemplation of one’s navel.”

Some were better than others.

And at this stage in my life, I don’t think that drawing looked much like Will Wheaton.

practice drawings

Poor idiot sat in gum.

I was much more nervous about my drawings back in 2011. I thought at first that every panel had to show the characters exactly the same. Now I know they just have to be relatively close. (Or not close at all for some publishers…)

So I would draw the same character over and over to get it nailed down.

I guess I was already obsessed with tea in 2011. And I have always been a little obsessed with bunny slippers despite never owning a pair.

decision drawings

Who was his freaked-out neighbor?Sometimes a character comes to me whole cloth, but the neighbor lady did not. I try to do four options and then mix and match the pieces I like.

I gotta use the bottom left lady somewhere. I love popcorn hands and I don’t know why.

Oh my. Why would I give myself the task of a comic revolving around a car? If I was going to have to draw a car, I was going to draw a fun one. But I also wanted it to be a lame car that most people would be like, “What? That’s his obsession?”

Solidified. The lady and her car.

I honestly have no idea. That, I think, is her sexy pose. Look at dem Power-Puff feet!