Inky Comics

  • Spider!


    Spider! Such a wee chicken am I when it comes to spiders. Based on my love of nature and natural science, everyone is shocked to hear of my irrational fear. But at least I know it is irrational and a knee-jerk response?

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  • Blanket Skirt

    Blanket Skirt

    Blanket Skirt You know, I don’t wear a blanket skirt so often anymore. I also wore it with pajama pants…

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  • Wet Apartment

    Wet Apartment

    That frickin’ apartment. Bottom floor in Seattle, converted by the landlord from a garage. The floor was crazy lumpy and a cyclone of flies appeared in the same spot every summer.

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  • Broken Plate

    Broken Plate

    This is the very first autobio comic I did. Because I was so upset about being such an idiot and breaking that plate. It actually helped, so I want on to make many, many more.

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  • Oh my Valentine!

    Oh my Valentine!

    From 2012, happy Valentines to my Abe. Little did we know that it would become our wedding anniversary, too.

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